Der Spiegel Says/Der Spiegel Der Ki.

“Europe was seen as a success in need of little maintenance — one that could handle the Greeks. Instead of paying attention to the truly relevant factors, a religious and cultural identity debate was pursued — a debate that made it possible to keep out the Turks while allowing the Greeks, Bulgarians and Romanians to join the EU. From the standpoint of financial and monetary policy, at least, Europe would be better off today if the opposite had been the case.” Der Spiegel, July 2011

“Avrupa, az sayida duzenlemeye ihtiyac duyan bir basari olarak goruldu. Oyle bir basari ki, Yunanlilari bile idare edebildi. Gercekten onemli olan etkenler yerine, Avrupa’nin dini ve kulturel kimligi uzerine tartismalar surduruldu, ve bu tartisma ile Turkler Avrupa’dan uzak tutulurken Yunanlilar, Bulgarlar ve Romenler Avrupa Birligine katildi. Islere, en azindan ve en basitinden, maliye ve para politikalari acisindan bakarsak, eger bunun tam tersi yapilsaydi, sonuclari Avrupa icin daha iyi olurdu” Der Spiegel, Temmuz 2011

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